BECOME AN AMBASSADOR and Start Earning $1320 - $158,400+/per month in your Area.

Help Others Achieve Their Dream As You Work Towards Yours.


community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members .

What is the Ambassador Program?

Members of the community are Leaders, Visionaries, Experts, optimists, Real Estate enthusiasts coming under one platform  to work, connect, educate, inspire a change in their communities.

The Ambassador Program is a compensation plan to encourage our current members to touch more lives in our communities by sharing, educating, and helping new members in our community to achieve success in their Real Estate Business and Life. 

Everyone you refer to join the DMV CREATIVE REAL ESTATE COMMUNTIY will be treated with the utmost respect, and will  have access to a plethora of tips, strategies, insights  to build wealth though Real Estate but also will have the opportunity to connect with Bright, and successful people.

As a an Ambassador, there are two things you need to do:

First, Let others know about our community. This can be done in a myriad of ways:

  • If you are a member, You can Post a Video to your various social media accounts, Giving  Honest Reviews of your experience using our platform and being part of the movement. 
  • You can share our Blog Posts to your Facebook Page. 
  • You can Invite friends directly via Direct message. 
  • Giving out Business cards to those who may be Interested. 
  • Sporting our gears in pictures. We have some cool shirts, mugs, and More cool stuff COMING SOON

 Your opportunities to promote our community are limited only by your imagination, and by the amount of time you are willing to devote to promotional Activities.

Second, as an Ambassador,  you should be : "Member success obsessed"  You need to engage with New Members, share your expertise , Lead & Educate...

You are in control of how much you make. There is no limit! You will earn $44 per month for every person you refer to the community that become a Monthly Pro member. 

When starting off, simply focus on referring just 1 person per day to the COMMUNITY for the next 30 days.

If you refer just 1 person per day, you will make extra $1,320 per month in passive income .

In fact, here is a chart showing exactly how much money you will make if you follow the step-by-step coaching that's available to you on inside the Network.


What Makes Our Program Different?

  • Passive Recurring Income. You'll gain the opportunity to make a significant recurring passive income that compounds monthly .  
  • Monthly Contests. You can participate in our monthly contests where you can win additional cash, prizes, vacation tickets, and even dream cars. 
  • Business promotions. If you are running a side Business, we will SUPPORT and help you in the promotion of your business, so that you can build lifelong and trusted clients.
  •  The 90-Day Cookie. While most programs offer a 30-day Cookie Life, you'll get credit for your sales up to 90 days after your referral first clicks your link. That extra 60 days significantly increases the likelihood that you will get credit for everyone who clicks your affiliate link.  
  • ALL BENEFITS BY SIMPLY BEING A MEMBER. If you are ALREADY a member, you are probably building your real estate portfolio, learning about real estate investing, connecting with amazing people and More...

Ready to start getting paid to help others find success in Real Estate & Life ?

Partner With Us & Start Earning Today!


Yes, I want to become an Ambassador !

 APPLY from your ambassador's dashboard inside your membership area, 

To Your Success, 

Gnora Ibrahim,



Disclaimer: Being a DMV REAL ESTATE DRAGON SLAYER AMBASSADOR  is not a contract for employment. You are not an Employee, representative, or independent contractor.  This position is 100% voluntary and may be terminated at any time by either party without notice or further Obligation.

Copyright 2021, DMV CREATIVE REAL ESTATE- Disclaimer

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